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Managing Programs in Established vs. Emerging Biopharma

  • 101 Main Street Cambridge, MA, 02142 United States (map)

Join Us to Download the Best Practice from our 6th Session

The 6th Session of Biopharma Pro focused on these scenarios:

A major pharma company just acquired your fledgling biotech company and you are being offered a program management role at the massive global organization. How should you think about the opportunity?

Or, you have had an unbeaten run at a significant biopharma organization, and a leader from a hot biotech company approaches you to establish/lead their program management organization. Assuming you’re interested, how should you prepare for making the transition?

Granted not all programs are created equal, and managing them differs based on the program team, company culture, and the strategic journey of the drug you are working with. However, the differences in the approach for managing programs are more pronounced between an emerging biotech and an established biopharma organization.

The discussion at the upcoming session of Biopharma Pro will highlight these differences and together we will explore the considerations and challenges behind these differences. So that you can be better prepared for that transition when it comes your way!

Here are some of the aspects we will deliberate upon:

  • The extent of involvement of various cross-functional stakeholders among drug phases

  • Approach to planning: drivers (why plan?), objectives (to what end?), depth (at what level?)

  • Communication Strategy: transparency vs. as needed, frequency, formal vs. informal, level of detail

  • PM Tools and Technology: traditional vs. innovative, manual vs. automated, control vs. collaboration

Kathi Breen, Director of Program Management at Syros Pharmaceuticals will be leading this session. 

From Baxter and AstraZeneca to Radius and Syros, Kathi has successfully made the transition of leading cross-functional teams from established to emerging biopharma organizations and is equipped to help us understand the differences and challenges involved in managing programs in both environments.

We will meet on Thursday, September 13th from 5 – 7.30 pm in Kendall Sq. (Cambridge, MA)

Come, share your experiences and knowledge with your peers!

We look forward to seeing you there, then.

Biopharma Pro


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