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Founding of Biopharma Pro

  • 101 Main Street Cambridge, MA, 02142 United States (map)

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Our inaugural session on March 1, 2018, brought together project-oriented professionals working in the biopharmaceutical industry who had similar objectives and challenges at work, and who aspired to make a tangible contribution in helping their organizations create better solutions to improve the lives of patients.

The objective for this session was to openly exchange perspectives and test if there was a real need to discover and establish shared best practices for program/project-oriented professionals across the biopharma industry. Below were our main findings:

  • We had a general agreement in the group that internal and external collaboration is on the rise, creating a greater need for disciplined and professional PMs in biopharma.

  • We acknowledged that while PM credibility comes from the individual, there was the consensus that as professionals we need to align on what we offer to an organization.

  • As a group, we had a lack of affiliation with PMI and agreed that their organization was not aligned with our challenges or addressing the needs of our profession in biopharma.

An engaging and passionate discussion lead us to craft the mission statement for Biopharma Pro!

Next, we agreed upon the operating structure, session methodology, and approach to community building - we would use moving forward for growing Biopharma Pro.

Andy Mehrotra, CEO of EightSpokes helped us come together as a group of professionals with shared interests.


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